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Hay Day updated with two new machines:

Hi there I am going to talk about Hay day today, the recent update of hay day and whats new is added to the game. This new update bring in two new machine, a tea stall and a taco kitchen. Both of them are designed very well and looks so well merging with the theme of the game.

The tea stall shows two big pots on outer rack, which distinguish it from other kind of stall. The pots are designed big with contrasting color so that people dont have any problem in recognizing them. The stall is open canopy sort of design. Few cups are also there on other racks and a table chair for customers.  Overall it looks fabulous.


The taco kitchen is designed so well with keeping the farming theme in mind that there is no fancy instruments in kitchen but a old age stove which uses wood to heat. Beside that a rack to hold on other ingredients like oil and vegetables. It looks nice, a small lawn is also provided with little grass to merge it well wherever you place it.

These two machines unlock at very high levels like 80 and 77, and if you are not there you wont be able to see them. If you want them without wasting time or money you can use our Hay day hack, specially designed and updated to unlock these machines at lower levels, or you can just level up. If you are short on resources you can use our hay day hack and generate as many diamonds, golds, gems whatever you want. Let me know how it works and if its patched please let me know also check out our latest clash royale cheats.


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Our Little iTunes Trick for Apple lovers 🙂

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