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What is the use of Xbox live codes?

Xbox live gold codes are used in Xbox gaming consoles to purchase games, and other services through Xbox live service. Xbox live provide two types of services to the Microsoft Xbox users. These two services are Xbox live free and Xbox live Gold. In which Xbox live free provides many free services but up to limited time whereas Xbox live Gold provides paid services to its users. But two of these are different from each other because through gold services users can enjoy many new and good services. Whereas in Xbox live free services are provided up to limited time and free demos of games are provided in it. Limited full games are provided in Xbox live free but those are just small games. Xbox live codes are mostly downloadable codes which are payable but here these codes are provided to you free of cost.

How to use Xbox gold codes?

Xbox live gold codes (msxboxlivegoldcodes.com) can be used to redeem the new games, new lives, and other payable items which are provided by Xbox live to the Xbox consoles users. Xbox Codes are redeemed by the users which help them to get discount while purchasing games. Gold services of Xbox live provide much more facilities as compare to Xbox live free. Free Xbox live gold codes provide relief to the Xbox gamers by discounting the games and other payable items through free Xbox gold codes. A free Xbox gold code provides membership to the users in Xbox live services. Membership codes are provided for 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months. Users can redeem their cards for any months up to their choice. The codes which are provided by our site can be used to subscribe for Xbox live services.